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pretty icons ^-^

ravynnerune  made some shiny icons, over here  at her journal :3  They're very spzarkly ^-^  Sure everyone's seen them, but since I was comandeering some, figured I'd give her some credit for making them so priiiiddy X3

Will looks like an Ice Princess X3  A nice one.  Not like the crazy lady from Narnia >>; 

Oo, went to see Semi-Pro, awesome movie, Will was wonderful and spzarkly and there wasn't a het moment in sight ;3  He wasn't real slashy either...but he's gay enough on his own >;3

Will's so pretty X3  Heidi wasn't even in the movie! XD  Totally ~_^

And saw a preview for the next Narnia there too ^^  Looks uber awesome...

Anyhoo, back to the icons :3

Ali G all spzarkled out :3  Blingin'...  She's uber awesome at making that Bling stuff, in the background there.  From *scratch* o.o  Doesn't manipulate a photo or nothin'...  She made an animated one for me :3  

Which I couldn't get to open right ^^;  So I ended up using a non-animated version for my vid, still purdy though :3

New Coolest Thing
This one from Zoolander makes me giggle X3  It's gorgeous!

Diva!Bruno :3  Is there anything better?  Love the coloring on this one, and how his hand looks like it's moving.

Aw, lookit, Will's so pretty ^-^  Again, the colors, really awesome...  Pretty soft pink :3


This is definitely my fav, kisses ^-^  Plus it's all blue, and spzarkly but subtly-like.  From the 2007 MTV Movie Awards >;3  Infamous...  and completely rightuous.

She's so talented ^-^  I can't get my photoshop to be nice to me :P  Plus it's just a silly little elements version, that came with my scanner, so I dunno >>

ravynnerune sure knows how to work hers though :3  

...Seriously, can I ::gush:: any more? 

Oo, almost forgot about this one *__*

*That* is my fav X333
Made another vid :3  'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead' fanvid ^-^  I'm really happy with it, think it turned out real well.  Was feeling a bit angsty at the time, which is why I chose the song 'Forget It' by Breaking Benjamin, cuz they're always good for a good angst song, 'specially that one.  I though it fit Rose and Guil's story really well, from a melancholy sort of point of view anyway.  Good movie, go watch it :D  And here's my fanvid to convince you to see the original ~_^  (Totally ordered the play from Amazon, super excited to read it ^-^)



Roxbury MV ^-^

Alright, alright, I'm posting already :P 

Got a Butabicest vid :3  Made it all by myself with Elisabeth, lol ^-^  Took me a while to get going on it...was feeling kinda angsty uh, two nights ago (? I think...or, maybe it was last night, yeah...) when I started working on it, needed to do something creative and this had been building in my mind for a while :3  So yay, finally got it finished ^^  It was totally worth waiting for though, with a movie like Roxbury you don't want to rush anything.  Organically is best, afterall ~_^  And Lisabeth likes it, a lot, 'almost too good *_*' were her words (;3) which made me really, really happy X3


Gay Sailors! X3

Okay this is awesome.  It's about an exhibition in the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool, England.  The exhibition is called...

(wait for it...)

 'Hello Sailor! Gay life on the ocean wave'


::spontaneously combusts::

I mean, it's not like it's a huge surprise or anything, really ^^;  It's obvious that when there's a bunch of men at sea, on their own, for months at a time, with no women...  Gay sex is gonna happen, a lot of it, and it'll be good >;3  But it's still effin awesome to have it documented and all that *__*  And geez, how *much* there was...gender bending and secret languages and *marriages* [and divorces )-': ] and-- 


I *really* want to go see it *__*  Too bad it's all the way over in England...but that would be superduper fantabulous X3

Here are the pictures that they have up on the site ^g^

"Sailor dressed up as Miss Everton, Courtesy of Cunard"

"Crew on the Queen Mary dressed up, Courtesy of Oral History Unit, Southampton City Council"

"Sailors dressed as showgirls on board the Queen Mary, Courtesy of Oral History Unit, Southampton City Council"

"Off duty on the Empire Orwell. Paul (top left), 'Belinda' (seated) and a Scottish colleague, taken in Hong Kong, 1956. Courtesy of Paul. "

"A steward serving passengers, Image courtesy of Dave"
--'nother excerpt from the site:  "Camp men adapted their uniforms in feminine ways. Waiters could be sent back by the head waiter if they were dressed too overtly femininely, but they still tried."


These next two are random pix not from the exhibit at the museum.

Speaking of gay porn... ::coughs::  Apparently it was easier to get the stuff *here* (i.e. NEW YORK) in the FIFTIES(!), than in their ports over at England...

Hm, wonder who would know about *that*...?

Love Bite 
(Thanks for the pic  ravynnerune~<3)

'Where we going?'  X3

At the 'Tempting Kiss' contest...guess who won? ~_^

Dean: 'Head *straight*, Jerry.'
Jerr: 'Wha--?'
Dean: 'Ah, never mind.  Like you better this way anyhow.'~<3

Geez, couldn't even wait to get to the cabin X3  Oo...Jerr's on top again >;3

Jerr suuuure likes to flash his chest a lot X3  Specially when Dean's around.  Hmmmm... X3

Awww...  You're pretty Jerry, don't worry :-*

*aHEM*  ...Head up, Jerr.  Might work better that way ~_^ 

Jerr's hand on Dean's knee X3

Love the way Dean's sitting in this...he so prim and proper :3

Grabbing the tie X3  That sure comes in handy...

'Tempting Kiss' winner!  X3

Holding hands~<3

Kisshimkisshimkisshim!  X3 

.... O__________O
oo, one of my eyes just popped out...
.... X__________O

Jerry: 'You like me?'
Dean: 'What a silly question, Jerry.  Would I really be this gay with you if I didnt *like* you?'

Jerry, looking pretty for Dean before the big fight.

Direct quote--  Jerry: "So nice here, just the two of us in the moonlight..."

"...by the ocean."  XD

...It sounds so pretty .^_^.

Jerry: 'Get this annoying French goil outta here, Dean...  She's killing the mojo :P'

Oh, right...I betcha Dean and Jerry knew about the availability of gay porn in ports like...New York City ~_^

These guys too, probably knew a few things as well...

Frank's gushing cuz Gene saved his life :3  

Gene covering Frank's hand with his own, which is resting on his knee X3

*GAY* waves X3

And *CLAPS* X3

And OMFG, do I even hafta *say* anything about this one??  ...Gene's talking about the Admiral beating them with a whip... *__*  How do you get signed up for *those* after school specials?

Gene to Frank (direct quote): "Let me see you sample your technique.  You're you see, and I'm a dame coming down the street.  Pick me up."

Gene: "I'm a dame, see.  I'm coming down the street.  Now come on."

Guess Frank came... Or he *will* here shortly ~_^


::Gene checks out the sign::

::Guy with *cigarette* fiddles with his *belt* while giving Gene *quite* the look...::  

Those're some blatant 'I-wanna-sex-U-up' signals oozing outta that guy...too bad Gene's already got his eye on a pretty young filly ~_^  Or *colt* I guess, if you wanna be gender specific about it...but where's the fun in that? ;P

Hey, there's our filly now ~_^  With Gene's hands allll over him X3  
--And see, lookit...the cigarette guy is all pissed off in the background cuz Gene completely blew off his invitation...that's not the type of blowing he had in mind, dammit :P

::Gene flirts::  ::Frank watches::

::Frank decides he wants to play::

::Gene proposes::

::Frank accepts::

::settling down in bed together::

::morning after::

Lookit how *goily* he is!  His fingernails are so *shiny* X3

Frank's playing hard to get...

And Gene is a *ninja* O.O  Lookit that leap!


Uh-oh!  NUNS...just as it was about to get good, too :P  ::pouts::

Gene has to hide his modesty from the strange females invading his space >.>;  

Getting rid of nuns...not as easy as it might seem ^^;

Alriiight, they're gone ;3  Gene's excited...  Frank looks a little noivous ^^;  But hey, I would too...those nuns could pop in again at any moment >.>;  Who'd wanna get caught by *nuns* ^^; 

Gene doesn't care about them silly nuns though, he's ready and raring for the next round >;3

For a change of pace, Frank chooses the chair, rather than one of those *tens* of beds just lying around, completely empty and available... 

Whatever floats your boat, Frank.  

I don't think Gene will mind *where* you choose, just so long as you get those bothersome threads off...*quickly* ~_^  

Seriously, that's probably why Gene's all pissed in the first place, he thinking: 'Why am *I* practically *nekkid*, and *you're* still fully dressed?!?  This isn't how we rehearsed the scene last night!  When I showed up at your place you were already in bed...there were candles everywhere, and rose petals, and you were singing all softly like making me swoon...  Wait, *was* that a rehearsal?'  

Really, Gene, if you're in so much of a hurry to recreate last night's 'rehearsal' (~_^) all of Frank's clothes don't have to come off *completely* ya know...

Guess he's figured that out already ;3


Last quote from that site up top:

'...merchant ships (especially passenger ships) provided a liberal environment where homosexuality was more accepted than on land, by both straights and gays. The crews lived by two rules - be clean, don’t steal - everything else was tolerated.'

Sounds good to me ~_^


Red Dwarf clip ^g^

I love Red Dwarf, and this dance number is so pretty .^_^.  Danny John-Jules, plays Cat, he's a dancer, and he's so *good* ^g^  Love how awkward Chris Barrie and Craig Charles are in this :)  They do pretty well though...considering they're *not* dancers in the slighest ^^;  Very cute...

RavynneRune's~<3 gifts ^g^

ravynnerune  has posted a loverly new first chapter of her Dean/Jerry fanfic, 'I'll String Along with You'  which can be found on her livejournal, here ^g^.

It's quite marvelous and everyone should go read and post lovely comments for her efforts in giving us this gift .^_^.  On her birthday, no less o.O  She's a hobbit, go figure... 

And her gorgeous painting of Jerrela  is getting along nicely ~_^  Love the expression on his face X3  And his pretty green eye shadow matching the green grapes in his headdress...  Nothing like a little fruit to brighten up your day, I always say ;3  'One a day keeps the doctor away...' afterall X3  And who really likes doctors, anyhow?  ...Random?  Possibly ;3  But it is very late...and I think randomness might be contagious o.o;;  Better eat more fruit...  

So yeah...definitely go check out ravynnerune's latest journal entry.  You won't be disappointed, I promise ~_^  She does things with a digital paintbrush that certainly rock my socks~<3

Not that I wear socks if given the choice, never liked the feel of socks ^^;  But that's not the point...  ravynnerunejust happens to rock in general, very hardcore.  Yeah .^_^.

Trolls >:3 +rant

Dude, trolls *totally* ROCK 8D

Yeah, techinically this isn't as random as it seems... 

indy788thinks ravynnerune  and I are trolls.  ::snickers::  Cuz of the Dean & Jerry vids we've put together.  ::raises eyebrow::  Good reason, we thought...and real clever too, 'trolls'.  We're actually a bit proud of the title.  Worthy of a retaliation from the mighty and powerful indy788 , no less.  And if you can't read the sarcasm in that, I really do feel sorry for ya ^^;

This is what she wrote on a recent post of her forum/site 'Always Dean' (google it if you wanna find it, not gonna sully my journal with a link to that place here...not that it's all *bad*, they're just uber close-minded, and allow as much heterosexual supposings (no matter how ridiculous) on Dean and Jerry, but as soon as you mention the fact that they're *gay*, you're put on probation! >.<;;;  WTF?!  Seriously...*very* not cool.  And I never though I would be one to hold grudges, but she makes it unfortunately all too easy.)

Her words:  'I made a video of Dean and Jerry, basically to combat the weird videos being made about dean and jerry by the trolls [tongue-face smiley]  It's not very good, but enjoy anyway.'

Now, I ask you, why would one post something that wasn't very good?  ...Simply because she wanted to throw a monkey wrench into Truth, *that's* why -_-;;;  Yeah, good luck with that :P



Know it's a bit early...  But I did some coloring, cuz photoshop finally decided it would let me use it...  And it's pretty, and I can't get it to let me use it as an icon.  So I'll just post it 'ere ~_^

Capped another ~_^  So much fun...  Here, Jerry's just come back from the hospital after injuring his knee.  Dean missed him *terribly* and Jerry's taking full advantage of this, flirting like *crazy* >;3

Jerry: Dean sing that song I like....won't you?  It'll get us both in the mood >;3  Not that we need it...

Jerr's foot ^g^  Invitation sent...

And recieved ~_^  As Dean hops up to join him...and make kissy faces X3



Dean's back on the bench...but not for long ;3

*pretty flirt*

Sexual tension, anyone? ~_^

Dean thinks so, apparently X3

Hmmm...Dean knows *exactly* what Jerry's trying to do, and he's enjoying thoroughly >;3

Jerrela...total coquette ~_^  Go look it up...


Hawtie X3

Jerr's grinning so big his face is about to split o.o

*pretty flirt*

Dean tells Jerry he should try to be serious for a while...

Jerry kinda gets after Dean for not visiting him in the hopsital...

With the bleeding...

But he's not really that upset ~_^

He keeps rubbing his eyes a lot during this song...dunno why, but it sure is uber cute ^g^

*FLIRTY BOYS* ~<3  *squees*

*happy boys singin' together both*

Dean grabs Jerry's knee and Jerry touches his hand .^_^.

Dean *finally* clambers up with Jerry on the piano, he's been angling for that through the entire song X3

*wave*  ^g^  Gayest wave ever...  Jerry waves like that a lot, sure y'all have noticed that, but thought I'd point it out again ~_^

Not a stitch of light between them, they're that uber close X3  Yay .^_^.  Wonder what they got up to after the camera switched away...  Jerry's knee is still tender, so the doity pictures wouldn't be quite as doity as they would be normally >;3